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Here we are again … The Digital Housesitters, Sandra and Stefan and we share some experiences in how to become a housesitter … Interested???  Here we go …

We made another fireside chat about how to become a housesitter because we got a few questions regarding this topic. And before I write a loooong article about it, we decided to just make a video and give you some insights into this very special topic …

Watch this video

  • if you want to cut your travel costs,
  • if you want to start a new life,
  • if you want to start house sitting,
  • if you want to experience the real life in this country,
  • if you need tips in how to start, where should you go … and more

Who are we?

We are German Kiwis (Gewis) that live far away from their original (other) home country We are professional housesitters for over 2 years now, love traveling and love animals (ok, most of them … I still find spiders and snakes a bit … unusual …)

Internet platforms mentioned in the video:

Contact us if you would like a $10 discount on the membership of these platforms…

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Always Blue Skies and Sandy Beaches

Auf Wiedersehen

Sandra and Stefan – The Digital HouseSitters

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