Dear friends and 9to5 deniers … Happy New Year, 2020 …  Yeah, we’re back with some housesitting stories from over 2.5 years “on the road” …

We made a video with some of our stories we can share that you can get a glimpse of what housesitting is about … for us … and maybe for you, too.

Watch this video

  • if you want to hear some stories from the last 2 ½ years on the road,
  • if you want to know what challenges we came across,
  • if you want to know about our greatest experiences, and
  • if you want to hear just some stories of house sitting predominantly in the Southern Hemisphere



Who are we?

We are Germans that live far away from their home country, and we are professional housesitters for over 2 years now. We love traveling and we love animals (ok, most of them … I still find spiders and snakes a bit … weird …)

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Always Blue Skies and Sandy Beaches
Auf Wiedersehen

Sandra and Stefan – The Digital HouseSitters


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